5. Reports
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5. Reports

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All Report Features

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Report Detail

Report Downloading


The list of reports is accessible by clicking the Dart link on the portal page   




Or by clicking the Report icon within CDI Manager



To run any report simply click on the report name and it will open.  


Not all users have access to reports. If you do not see reports and believe you should have access please contact your administrator to ask MedAssets to allow access.



CDI Manager reports include:


  • Executive Summary: A high level overview of productivity, query response, financial benefit, CMI and top queries
  • Financial Benefit: Shows the financial benefit associated with CDI activity
  • Potential Missed Benefit: Shows the potential missed financial benefit associated with CDI activity
  • CMI: Shows the CMI and any changes over a specified period of time 
  • Physician Report Card: Shows query statistics, financial benefit and potential missed benefit by physician
  • Query Rate: Shows query statistics by physician and patient population
  • Query Type: Shows the query breakdown by CC, MCC, PDx, Severity, POA and Other
  • Summary: Shows the number of queries and follow ups within a specified time frame by CDI Specialist
  • Specialist Activity: Shows financial benefit and query activity by CDI specialist