1. Getting Started
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1. Getting Started

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Worklists

Chapter 3: Worksheet

Chapter 4: Admin and Utilities

Chapter 5: Reports

Chapter 6: System Requirements


The first page you will see when logging into CDI Manager is comprised of two main sections, the Header and the Worklist.

The Header contains various icons and the menus that you will use to navigate through the system.  The icons are explained in more detail in The Worklist section of this manual.  The menus are explained below.


 The Menus serve as a means of system navigation and are divided into two main menus: Worklist and Administration.  You can access different sections of the system by placing your cursor over a particular menu then selecting the page you want to display.  It should be noted that your access to the various Worklists and Administration pages depends upon the role you are assigned in CDI Manager.


Worklist Menu

If you want to access a specific Worklist place your cursor on the Worklist menu then click on the Worklist you want to display.   For a further explanation of the various Worklists see The Worklist.

Administration Menu

The Administration Menu provides links that allow system adminstrators to customize CDI Manager to fit their hospital's individual needs. For a further explanation of the options available under the Administration menu see Administration.