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CDI Manager Introduction

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 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Worklists

Chapter 3: Worksheet

Chapter 4: Admin and Utilities

Chapter 5: Reports

Chapter 6: System Requirements


To track Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) data efficiently and effectively and support daily workflow increasing overall productivity.

To trend CDI data thereby accurately reporting results in an easy to use and meaningful way.

Functionality Summary

  • CDI tracking and trending requires the following elements: 
  • Inpatient census report
  • Customized worklists for CDI specialists
  • CDI worksheet
  • Queries
  • Discharge worklist
  • Reporting

 CDI Manager Overview

CDI Manager is the software that tracks CDI data.  It contains four of the five elements of functionality, including inpatient census report, CDI tracking worksheet, queries, and the discharge worklist.  The fifth element, reporting capability, is located in MedAssets’ Data Analysis and Reporting Tool called DART.